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4 Relationship Benefits of a Couples Massage in Walnut Creek, CA

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One of our most popular services at Woodhouse Day Spa® - Walnut Creek, CA is our couples massage experience. That should come as no surprise. Steps away from Broadway Plaza, we're the perfect place to unwind with your partner after a long day of shopping downtown or before an evening date in Walnut Creek.

Want in on our secret? Below are four of the biggest reasons why couples fall in love with Woodhouse Day Spa - Walnut Creek, CA.

Why a Couples Massage is the Perfect Romantic Indulgence

1. Take a Mini-Vacation for Two. In your wildest dreams, you and your partner spend each weekend on a new romantic getaway. Paris one week, Madrid the next, followed by trips to Venice, Kyoto, Marrakesh... Real-life might get in the way of these trips, but with a couples massage, you can indulge in a mini-vacation without ever leaving Walnut Creek. The minute you step inside our day spa, the outside world slips away, providing the perfect escape for you and your partner.

2. Let Anxiety & Stress Melt Away. Stress and anxiety can suffocate feelings of intimacy and stifle sparks of romance. The good news? Massage therapy is scientifically proven to reduce the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of stress. If you and your partner are feeling worn out, a couples massage is the perfect way to unwind.

3. Rekindle the Body's Natural Fires. As we learn more and more about the science of desire, the romantic benefits of massage therapy become clearer and clearer. Massages activate a number of feel-good hormones and chemicals which are linked to intimacy. During a couples massage, your body will release naturally occurring compounds like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These combine to create a kind of natural love potion, setting the mood for a post-massage romantic interlude.

4. Indulge in Your Partner's Presence. Dinner for two or a couple's movie night used to give partners a way to connect and enjoy one another's presence. Now, they just give us another excuse to answer texts and scroll through our Instagram feeds. A couples massage keeps these distractions at bay, giving you a private sanctuary for romantic and spiritual connection.

Discover the benefits of a couples massage at Woodhouse Day Spa - Walnut Creek, CA! Call (925) 448-2222 today to book your experience.

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