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"Momisms" the Wisdom of Mom

| by Paige Mareth, Woodhouse Director of Communications, under Inspiration
What better way to kick off the Mother’s Day season than to reflect on some of our favorite things Mom has said? And yes, we said season, as in still not as much time to celebrate Mom as she deserves.
“You’ll understand when you have kids of your own.”
Maybe you have yet to experience the truth of this statement, but all the now-moms are reading this and shaking their heads in agreement. All those years of “you’ll understand” have finally come to fruition, and we’re all repeating it to our kids just as Mom did to us. Each rule or correction that seemed so ridiculous finally makes sense. We’ve moved away from eye rolls and toward calling mom and apologizing for the grief we put her through!
“You have two legs, use them.”
Ah, a classic. Each time we plopped down at the table, looked at Mom and asked for her to stand and get us a drink, this was the response. Hearing Mom say this over and over taught me that if I didn’t want to do something for myself, chances are neither did anyone else.
“Look at me when I’m talking to you.”
It always felt like a nag, but it was actually a life skill! Imagine a world where no one would look at you when you spoke to them. For the moms out there, it’s not so hard to imagine, you live it! Little did we know she was teaching us to be decent members of society. And also, probably making certain we were actually listening.
“I don’t care what everyone else is doing.”
If only we had listened to this one a little bit sooner. It truly doesn’t matter if everyone else is doing it. What matters is if it’s kind, right and healthy. Moms really do know everything, it seems.
“I love you to the moon and back.”
Yep, she sure does.
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