The Woodhouse Day Spa Rewards Program






  1. $5 for booking your service(s) online. Dollars are awarded once you have received the service(s).
  2. $5 for booking your next service(s) upon check out. Dollars are awarded once you receive the pre-booked service(s). 

Enrollment is automatic and complimentary to all guests of The Woodhouse Day Spa Walnut Creek.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: One reward dollar is equal to one dollar. Reward dollars may be redeemed for services or retail products on your next visit to The Woodhouse Day Spa. Reward dollars are accrued (taxes, gratuities, complementary and donated services are excluded). Reward dollars are non-transferable and may only be redeemed at the location of accrual. Reward points expire after 18 months. We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms & Conditions, or restrict, suspend or discontinue this program at any time. Reward dollars are not redeemable for gratuity, cash or any other form of credit. Reward dollars will be deducted for any refunds issued.

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