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Sleep Treatments

In a busy world filled with technology, kids' soccer games, and stressful work deadlines, sleep can be considered a luxury experience. Essential to overall health and well-being, a good night's sleep does wonders for your body. Introducing a collection of sleep treatments designed to provide you with much needed rest.

Lavender Dreams


This exclusive massage experience uses wild crafted lavender and restorative herbs to help you unwind, decompress and relax into much needed rest. Using purposeful massage techniques, you will feel refreshed and renewed.

Series of Six

Deep Sleep Massage

This deeply relaxing head, neck, shoulder and back massage uses warmed aromatherapy oils and is designed for a limitless calming experience. A tea ritual is offered while you recline on a heated herbal compress to melt the tension from tender back muscles.

Blissful Night

Blissful Night

This treatment provides the perfect backdrop for stress relief, balance and a restful experience that begins with a dry brush exfoliation and essential oil anointing for lymph flow. A back, neck and scalp massage, along with a warm vichy shower will follow for an escape into serenity.

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